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    American Moon (English version)

    Has man really been to the moon? It’s been 50 years, and the debate rages on. For the firs time, a film compiles in a single piece of work, all the best evidence in favor of the moon landings and the evidence contrary to them. For the first time we can also analyze the Apollo pictures in detail, with the aid of some among the top photographers in the world. What was the Apollo project really? The biggest achievement in the history of mankind, or the biggest fakery of all times, watched on live television by more than half a billion people?

    Runnig time: 3 1/2 hours

    Dual layer (8GB) DVD

    September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor (3 DVDs)

    "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" is a 5 hour documentary that summarizes 12 years of public debate on 9/11. All the most important issues in the debate are presented in full detail, showing both the positions of those who reject the official version - the 9/11 Truth Movement - and the positions of those who support it, called "the debunkers." You can be the judge.

    The Second Dallas- Who Killed RFK?

    This landmark documentary summarizes the best evidence that has ever emerged, contradicting the official story of Robert Kennedy’s assassination. While sold by the corporate media as an open and shut case against “Palestinian radical” Sirhan Sirhan, this riveting film presents meticulously researched evidence, by several independent inestigators, exposing outrageous procedure violations, blatant forgeries, and unexplained dismissals on the part of the authorities, revealing a world-class cover-up.

    The True History Of Maijuana

    Even if you think you know all there is to know about marijuana, this groundbreaking DVD will blow your mind with its stunning revelations about the world's most popular drug. 'The True History of Marijuana' digs deep to expose a world-wide conspiracy, led by the petrolchemical industry, that has outlawed one of the most useful plants known to mankind. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, in almost every culture, in ways you may never have imagined. This shocking DVD will change the way you think about marijuana forever.

    The New American Century

    As a follow-up to Inganno Globale, The New American Century presents the historical, philosophical, economical and political background -- some of which is totally unknown to the public -- that lend support to the accusation that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were in fact an inside-job.

    Cancer - The Forbidden Cures

    In the last 100 years dozens of doctors, scientists and researchers have come up with the most diverse, apparently effective solutions against cancer, but none of these was ever taken into serious consideration by official medicine. Most of them were in fact rejected out-front, even though healings were claimed in the thousands, their proposers often being labeled as charlatans, ostracized by the medical community and ultimately forced to leave the country. At the same time more than 20,000 people die of cancer every day, without official medicine being able to offer a true sense of hope to those affected by it. Why?

    UFO's And The Military Elite

    This film reviews all the most important cases in history in which UFOs have been involved with the military, whether as witnesses or as part of a cover-up, both in the US and abroad.

    The Great Lies Of History

    This 5 DVD discounted pack contains films by Massimo Mazzucco Including:

    The True History Of Marijuana The New American Century Cancer The Forbidin Cures UFO's And The Military Elite The Second Dallas- Who Killed RFK?

    ***Note: This pack contains all of Massimo Mazzucco's dvd's except September 11- A New Pearl Harbor

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