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In occasione dell'anniversario della morte di Robet F. Kennedy, ripubblichiamo alcuni dei suoi discorsi più famosi.

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#1 webrasta 2019-06-06 14:11

Do you think a man with so many enemies would be smiling and waving to the crowd, supposing he was ever stupid enough to get caught in that position? No, he would be hiding under the seat, ordering the driver to get him out of there as fast as possible. In response to this question, people tell me that Kennedy was naïve, that he was an egomaniac, that he was controlled, and so on. But who is naïve here? Do these responses even begin to answer my question in a meaningful way? No, they are just more propaganda, put forward to keep us from looking at what happened without a preset explanation. An egomaniac would be the last person to get caught in that situation, since he values his own life so much. He would not give his life away just to enjoy a few cheers. We know that Kennedy was not stupid. He was also not naïve. In that famous speech that the alternate theorists love to play, Kennedy warns us of the secret government and asks us for our help. Does the same man who gave that speech allow himself to be put into an open car in an uncontrolled major city, with a bulls-eye on his head? Of course not.


This was not one faction overthrowing another. This was revolution. This was the secret and successful undermining and overthrow of a semi-Republic by a fascist alliance of oligarchs. And this was just a handful of families dominating the oligarchy for several generations. What allowed all this to happen was a perfected form of propaganda, using the latest tricks of the cinema. In this way, Sinatra’s ties to Hollywood may have been more useful to the Kennedys than his ties to the Mob. Or—as you have seen if you have read my paper on the Tate murders—the two ties were actually the same. The Federal government had long since begun its takeover of both the Mob and Hollywood by that time. Joseph Kennedy's continued ties to Hollywood were also critical (remember that he created RKO Studios between the wars), and through them the Kennedys had access to all the cutting edge special effects, the psychological subterfuge, and all the various methods of selling fiction as fact that has made the movie industry among the most dangerous tools of the ruling elite. It was this tool that allowed the Morgan/DuPont/Kennedy coup to succeed where the other had failed, and I suggest this is the main reason the plotters allowed Kennedy to join: his connection to Hollywood and his ability to fake events. It may be that the most influential and important film of the 20th century is not Gone with the Wind or Star Wars; it is the real-life Godfather, AKA The Kennedy Assassination, with Academy Awards to Joe and Jack Kennedy for best script, best art direction, best production, best direction, best actor, and best living man playing a deadman. Which brings us finally to the reason for going underground. I have said above that it was to rule without inference, to maintain secrecy, and to create the ultimate shadow government. But there is a fourth reason I haven't mentioned, and the previous paragraph leads us into it. I just reminded you that the government took over all Mobs and Mafias in the last half century, in order to take their profits. Joseph Kennedy had been involved with the Mob for decades, and at some point he saw that with enough power, he could take over the entire US scene. But he saw that he could only do that with the resources of the federal government. He needed both the CIA and FBI as allies in this takeover, as well as the Justice Department and—if the need should arise—the military itself. Once he had sons as President and head of Justice, he was in a position to move, and he did move. The complete takeover of the Mob began in earnest in 1960, with the support of FBI and CIA. But by 1963 the war was at its most heated moment, and the Mob was doing its best to strike back at the Kennedys. This is precisely why the CIA and FBI tried so hard to implicate the mob in the years after the fake event. There was real evidence the Mob was trying to get JFK, so it was easy to leak that evidence. But the Mob never got close. The faked assassination was used to fool the Mob, to frame the Mob, and to get John out of the line of sight until the war was won. As I say, this was only one reason of many to take the Presidency underground in 1963. Various billionaires had been trying to create a shadow government for many decades, with only varying degrees of success. Only Joseph Kennedy was successful. He had already installed his first son Joe as titular head of this shadow government behind Truman, but in the late 40's and 50's the Kennedys were still warring with other powerful families for control of this shadow government. Alliances were made that I won't go into in this paper, allowing the Kennedys to solidify control from 1945 to 1960, when JFK and RFK were installed in top visible positions. At that time Joseph, Sr. felt secure enough in his position and alliances to accelerate the takeover of the Mob. Within a decade all the Mob business had been absorbed by the allied billionaire families. This led to the further enrichment of those families, the accompanying fattening and expansion of the banks, and the similar expansion of CIA, for the same reasons. In the 1970's, these families used this expansion to utterly overwhelm Congress, putting it into permanent emeritus status. The courts were swamped in the same way, and by 1980 these allied families had completed their takeover not only of all lucrative business, but all government. All decisions were made by shadow governors, some of which were Kennedys, some of which were not. In this way the Kennedys were able to advance with even more stealth than the Rockefellers. A few know that the Rockefeller family is far more rich and powerful than it claims, but almost no one knows the Kennedys are even richer and more powerful. Since it was secrecy that allowed for this advancement, we can see why the current governors and spooks are so sold on secrecy and lies. It has appeared to work fabulously well from their perspective. Since the Kennedys are supposed to be dead, they have never even appeared on the Bohemian Grove lists, Bilderberger lists, CFR lists, or other lists. The Kennedy secret has remained the deepest and darkest secret of all.
#2 webrasta 2019-06-06 14:51


Thomas Noguchi, “coroner to the stars”, couldn't find any traces of Nembutol or other drugs in Monroe's stomach or intestines. His toxicologist was supposed to examine the blood, kidneys, liver and urine for drugs, but only reported drugs in the blood. Not only were no reports made of those other organs, they were actually destroyed. So were the medical photographs, the slides of the organs, and the examination form itself. Therefore, there was no proof from the autopsy this body was even Marilyn. The blood report could have been faked, and there is no way to even link it to any body. Given the evidence that survived, the blood could have been taken from the vaults.

Thomas Noguchi's entire career was like this, and he botched the autopsies of Sharon Tate, Robert Kennedy, Natalie Wood, William Holden, John Belushi, and others, I assume on orders from above. His deputy coroner was later found to be a fraud, with no license to practice. Since there is no possibility the LA coroner's office was just accidentally this incompetent, we must assume the deaths of all these people were faked, for reasons yet to be determined (actually I have already solved the Kennedy and Tate cases)

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